Is the Keto Diet Better Than Low Fat Diets?

Brad Schoenfeld has analyzed the current data available and they have concluded the following:

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“that I don’t have any issues with using a ketogenic diet for fat loss; it is a viable alternative provided it fits your personal lifestyle. I do have problems those who continue to foster the diet because the choice for losing body fat, particularly when they are making money.

Here’s a slide from my demo about fat loss diets, demonstrating that the current meta-analysis on all commanded studies when both protein and calories have been closely controlled involving keto and low-fat diets.

As revealed, there is no metabolic advantage to keto (and in fact, a slight advantage was demonstrated for LF although IMO it is of little effect). Don’t get caught in by the hype.

When fat loss is the goal, create a caloric deficit, consume higher amounts of protein (~two g/kg) and then the amount of carbs vs fats should be dependent on personal taste. Adherence rules supplements.”