Pizza Diet?

Google Reveals Most-Searched Diets Of 2016

BOSTON (CBS) — How did people attempt to get rid of weight this past year? A new collection of those most-Googled diets of 2016 offers some intriguing insights.

There are recognizable methods such as the carb-cutting Atkins diet, while some, such as the “pizza diet,” seem like a questionable method of losing weight.

Here is the Top 10 (through

10. Mono Diet
The mono diet comes from the prefix its called: just one, as if you just eat one food per week. The point is it is a more functioning quickly, as you’d eat say only melons or peanuts for about a week direct to sustain some energy, but enables the body to cleanse itself. It is intended to lighten the amount of energy that your body will invest digesting so it can focus on cleansing.

9. Dukan Diet
Named after its founder Pierre Dukan, the Dukan Diet is a protein diet emanating from France. It promises to shed 10pounds per week that will stay away, definitely sounding like it belongs in the too-good-to-be-true class.

Beginning with the ‘attack stage’ where for those first ten times, you consume each of the lean protein you may manage, 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and at least half an ounce of the water. From there on out, the stage of ‘cruising’ can last several months followed closely by ‘consolidation’ and ‘stabilization’. So it is not a 10-day diet just as much as it’s a lifestyle modification.

8. Pizza Diet
The Pizza Diet is also thought to be a versatile diet, one that isn’t so restrictive. Florida cyclist Matt McClellan ate 2,400 calories/day that comprised six slices of pizza, but with the healthiest toppings. Less cheese. He’d eat 1 slice of pizza each hour, and would exercise for one hour per day, five days each week. He lost 24 lbs in four weeks.

7. The Wild Diet
This diet is plant based and does not shun all fats. They say you need fat to burn off fat, so they encourage ‘good fats’. They do say to steer clear of sugars, that is typically a good thing, in addition to grains. Oh, additionally, it encourages you to ‘meet with your farmer’.

6. Dissociated Diet
For your Dissociated Diet, it is all about that foods combat. They attempt to not match specific types of foods. The concepts behind it require arcane knowledge of food and digestion collections and such and science; so, it suggests avoiding combinations like acid meals with alkaline foods. And when you change food classes, you need to allow your body 4-5 hours between meals.

5. Ketogenic Diet Food
The Ketogenic Diet is really a low carb diet that claims to turn the body into a ‘fat-burning system’ and it is rigorous, provides weight loss, and is assumed to enhance mental focus. But it takes a couple weeks for the body to adapt to burning off fat and, before performing physical exercise, need an excess of fluid and salt to be able to enhance or maintain endurance.

4. Atkins 40
This diet claims to “flip the human body’s metabolic change” and burn fat instead of carbohydrates, by implementing a low-carb weight loss program. The diet instructs you to consume even greater than the USDA recommendation of vegetables, proteins, and those nutritious fats.

3. Army Diet Substitute
It is basically the army version of #DietStartsMonday, since it involves three times of restrictive diet followed by four days, each week. Those three times, you are only supposed to ingestion 1,100-1,400 calories each day, which is almost half of the typical recommended intake of 2,000.

The other four days are not just free reign, either, as you are ‘encouraged’ to keep the calorie consumption reduced and eat healthily.

2. Taco Diet
You literally consume tacos three times per day, every day for a few months. Seriously.

It is more of a detox than the usual weight loss, however, it is still a true thing.

1. GOLO Diet
Not to be mistaken with the YOLO diet, which very possibly could consist of treating each meal as though it was your last, calories be damned.

Dr. Keith Ablow created it, and it is intended to Boost insulin levels in addition to reducing storages of fat within three weeks, one that you will need to pay Ablow for.