Vegetarian Diets for Teens — ModernMom

Teenagers can thrive on a vegetarian diet so long as they eat a diet full of food. As with any diet, variety is important to ensuring adequate nourishment. The years–in 13 to 19 years old–would be a period of expansion and changes. Teens will need to make sure they’re getting sufficient calories, iron, calcium and essential fatty acids.

Types of Vegetarians

When a teen describes himself as vegetarian, then he doesn’t eat any meat, such as poultry, beef, fish or poultry. Not all vegetarians are on the diet. Lacto-ovo vegetarians do not eat meat but do eat dairy products and eggs. Subsets of this diet include lacto vegetarians, who eat dairy but not eggs, and ovo vegetarians, who eat eggs but not dairy. Vegans do not eat any animal products–no meat, milk products, eggs or honey. Vegans do not wear clothing based on animals, such as wool or leather.

Vegetarian Diets Are healthful

Unless a vegetarian teenager’s diet contains pizza, potato chips and cereal, teens (and parents) will not need to worry about negative health impacts of not eating meat. Straightforward planning is all that is required to guarantee proper nourishment. Teens need to be sure they’re getting enough calcium–found in soy products, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and beverages. Zinc is found in legumes, nuts, seeds and certain foods and is required for proper immune system functioning.

Vitamin B12 keeps healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and can be significant to vegans, who isn’t able to find a reliable supply of the nutrient in their diet plan. Teens consume a lot of fortified beverages and supplements and must choose a multivitamin.

What About Protein?

Vegetarian teens must be well prepared to tell people the way they receive enough protein in their diet. The solution is easy–provided that sufficient calories are consumed by adolescents, they’re probably getting lots of nourishment. There is not any need to join foods to make a “complete” protein. Instead, be sure teens eat tofu, meat substitutes (such as soy hot dogs)legumes and whole grain foods–most of which are high in protein.

Vegetarian Teens Need Help

Don’t freak out, if your teen chooses to become vegetarian or vegan. Vegetarian teens want support from their parents. A diet might offer your something to be enthused about and can be fitter. Teens become vegetarian for many factors. Some do it for animal rights, because they disagree with the killing of animals for food, and others do it to health or environmental benefits or just because they do not enjoy the flavor of meat. In any event, a vegetarian diet is easy and secure to accommodate.